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Wild boar hunt from blind, stalking hunt

Under the conditions of hard natural selection, most of the pigs weigh on an average 80 kg, adult boars weigh up to 300 kg. Our schtick is a legendary stalk under the moon, which gives an unforgettable experience and a good chances of obtaining a large trophy.     

Trophy prices

Length of tuks* Price
up to 14 cm 500,- €
14.1-16 cm 600,- €
16.1-18 cm 700,- €
18.1-20 cm 800,- €
over 20 cm 1.000,- € + 10,- €/mm
Wild sow 500,- €
Wild sow aged 12 to 20 months   
400,- €
Shote 150,- €
Wounded animal         300,- €

* Tusk length is determined as the length of the outside of the mandibular tusk (if the tusks have different lengths, the calculation is based on the average length of the tusks). 

Hunting season: 01.08 – 28.02

Mean t°:

Tourist days: 3 days min. + day of arrival and of departure

Optimum capacity: 2-3 hunters

Hunting service:

  • Guiding by huntsmen
  • Transport on territory
  • Trophy pre-preparation
  • Full board
  • Lodging
  • One translator per group

Price: 150,- € per day (attendant 100,- €)

Not included in the hunting service:

  • Invitation Letter 50,- €
  • Gun permits 100,- €
  • Veterinary certificate 50,- €
  • Transfer (airport – hunting ground – airport)
  • CITES 150,- €

Equipment Recommendations:

Hunting clothing should be comfortable. Outerwear should afford protection from cold, damp and wind, have enough pockets, do not make too much noise when moving. Underwear should be breathable and pleasant to the skin, preferably made of natural materials. Shoes should also be comfortable, preferably baggy and loose enough, so that you can wear warm socks or insert warm insoles.   

For hunting

  • Outerwear set (pants + jacket), preferably made of waterproof and windproof materials and dim colors for moving in the forest (anorak)
  • Thermal underwear (preferably 2 sets)
  • Warm sweater (preferably 2)
  • Warm socks/insoles (2-3 pairs)
  • Gumboots
  • Comfortable waterproof boots (preferably 2 pairs)
  • Headwear: Warm hat, cap/bucket hat us sun protection, mosquito net
  • Gloves (preferably 2 pairs)
  • Sit pad
  • Handy bag / backpack
  • Flashlight

For home

  • Home clothing set
  • Slippers
  • Banya towel
  • Personal cleansing


  • Rifle-barreled gun, calibre 12 or 16
  • Munition: more than 7,62х51 (308 Win) and 7,62х54 R, preferably with semi-jacketed bullet Also possible: 9,3х62, 30-06 Springfild, .300 Win. Mag., 8х57 Mauser


Recommendations on health and physical preparation:

The state of health and physical fitness of the hunter should allow him to walk up to 15 km per day along hunting grounds (landscape pattern is flat with broken terrain (streams and rivers, ravines, small gullies). 

Hunting Safety tips:

When handling weapons is prohibited

  1. to use defective firearms
  2. to be in populated areas with loaded firearms
  3. to funnel firearms at humans and domestic animals
  4. to transport loaded firearms
  5. to shoot at uncleanly visible target
  6. to shoot toward other person, transport facilities or near populated areas
  7. to leave the numbered peg without permission of the organizers of the hunt

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